Cleaning is one of those things that many of us do not pay quite enough attention to. Sure most of us notice when something looks messy or cluttered and usually do something to clean up the mess or at least re-organize things a bit. But when it comes to doing the regular cleaning maintenance that is required to keep things fresh and looking their best, most of us fall short.  The reasons are numerous and varied but it’s usually a combination of laziness, busyness, or just being unaware and not noticing the issue.

So how do we avoid getting to the point where the mess or clutter is beyond the point that makes it easy to take care of?

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

The easiest way to ensure that your desks, appliances, furniture and electronics last as long as they can is to do regular minor cleaning on a regular basis.  You’d be surprised how keeping things clean and free of dirt, debris and dust can make them last so much longer.  Dust and debris will accumulate no matter what and is simply a fact of life. If you have pets or animals in the area this problem becomes even worse.  One of the things that everyone can do, and most people already are, is vacuum their carpets and rugs weekly or biweekly. This will not only keep things looking cleaner and ensure the health of your carpet fibers but it can also help eliminate certain allergies that can be caused by carpet debris.

Mopping hard surface floors like tile, linoleum, or even hardwood can also help extend their lifespan of use.  We recommend using mild detergents or even just hot water when possible to clean the surface effectively. Using harsher soaps or chemicals is a less desired option because it can affect any surface treatment or waterproofing that was done. These chemicals can also cause breathing issues with more sensitive individuals.  Another option is to purchase a steam cleaning device (like a steam mop) that can effectively clean any hard surface. Steam is one of the most effective cleaners and disinfectants and also has the added benefit of just being water (no chemicals). There are a lot of new options for this and even handheld versions are available for fairly cheap.

With all that said if you are still not able to maintain a regular cleaning schedule because of your busy schedule then it is probably best to seek out a qualified cleaning service in your area to handle the problem for you and do the regular cleaning maintenance.  There should be several options near you but do a little searching online and find a couple of companies that have positive reviews from past customers and a history of quality service.  If you live in the Vancouver, WA area then We Clean Everything Inc. is a great Vancouver home & office cleaning company that can provide regular cleaning for your house or company place of business that you will be very satisfied with. They have a lot of really great reviews so check them out online.

We Clean Everything Inc.
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