There are many different ways to advertise your company or business online; some of them more effective than others.  In order to make sure you are putting the right efforts into your online marketing campaign and spending your money wisely we have put together a short list.

  1. search-engine-optimizationConsider doing some research about how to SEO or search engine optimize your website so that it has a better chance of showing up higher in the search engines when people search for related services.  Alternatively, and the option most people choose, you can find a reputable web company or internet marketing agency that offers SEO as a service to help you out.  If this is the route you choose then definitely shop around and talk to a few different companies because the pricing is going to vary widely as well as any contract length. Make sure not to go with the least expensive option as you will likely not be happy with the results. Instead go with one of the middle options as they will likely provide a results and price you can be happy with.  Also make sure to check on their reputation and ask for examples of the results they have achieved with their past customers.
  2. Another option to market your website online is Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). One of the more common of these is Google’s Adwords service.  This basically involves you setting up a list of keywords that you want to show up in front of your customers for and the cities that apply to your service area.  The PPC system is essentially an auction system where you will choose a bidding range for your keywords and this will determine where you show up versus the other competition businesses that are also bidding for ad position and space.  If you choose to outsource this service then most internet marketing companies offer this in addition to more traditional organic SEO service.
  3. Consider writing a press release for a significant event in your business such as a recent certification or expansion to another area.
  4. Record a video or series of videos that showcase your business and the different services you offer for your clients. You can then upload these videos to any free online video service. The most popular of these is and the process to create an account and upload videos is fairly simple.  If applicable you can also have your web company do some SEO techniques to bring additional views to these videos.
  5. Last but not least and probably the most important element of you business as far as your online marketing and presence goes is having a nice and professional looking website. Your website needs to represent your company or business to the fullest extent and should visually represent your brand.  This is the first thing people are likely to see online about your company so you should not cut corners here or “go cheap” as they say.

Those are some of the more common things you can do to enhance your online presence and market your website to your customer base.  This list is not comprehensive but should get you pointed in the right direction.